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US-7362620-B2: Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same patent, US-7371600-B2: Thin-film structure and method for manufacturing the same, and acceleration sensor and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7385075-B2: Method for producing esters of multibasic acids patent, US-7398215-B2: Prompt language translation for a telecommunications system patent, US-7445694-B1: Device for generating magnetic fields for catalysing physico-chemical reactions patent, US-7448148-B2: Articulated foldable sandals patent, US-7467766-B2: Acoustic dampening pipe shoe patent, US-7665812-B2: Locking system for drawers patent, US-8118649-B1: Grain distribution sensor and control patent, US-8402952-B2: Method for controlling a solenoid valve of a quantity controller in an internal combustion engine patent, US-8430019-B2: Adjusting device patent, US-8465760-B2: Methods of increasing productivity in older sows while decreasing feed intake patent, US-6863645-B2: Method and apparatus for inserting sliders during automated manufacture of reclosable bags patent, US-7022108-B2: Method for delivery of therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents patent, US-7064232-B2: Hydrophobic modified diquaternary monomers and polymers as thickening agents of acidic aqueous compositions patent, US-7120823-B2: Method and apparatus for recovering logical partition configuration data patent, US-7129545-B2: Charge modulation network for multiple power domains for silicon-on-insulator technology patent, US-7277224-B2: Binoculars having displaceable optical elements patent, US-7304472-B2: Rotary position sensor patent, US-7641292-B2: Structure of coreless crawler patent, US-7997033-B2: Pultruded fiberglass sign panel system patent, US-8388373-B2: Connector with movable soldering attachments patent, US-8577074-B2: Vortex cooling of voice coils patent, US-6941764-B2: Process for keeping chilled the food on board aircraft and means for implementing patent, US-7244106-B2: Process and device for flow control of an electrical motor fan patent, DE-202011001772-U1: Sterilisierbehälter mit Filtereinheit patent, US-7290076-B2: Optmizing an interrupt-latency or a polling rate for a hardware platform and network profile combination by adjusting current timer values for both receive and transmit directions of traffic and calculating a new timer value to be used for both receive and transmit directions of traffic patent, US-7331146-B1: Window and door jamb adjustment system patent, US-7356510-B2: Content delivery patent, US-7506465-B2: Advertising sign and method of making same patent, US-7565303-B1: Pre-paid airline tickets patent, US-7575348-B2: Vehicle headlamp device patent, US-7611155-B2: Ride on platform for small loader patent, US-7705825-B2: Method for measuring effective operation of gyricon display device patent, US-7769743-B2: System and method for automated selection and distribution of media content patent, US-7985591-B2: Parasitic helminth cuticlin proteins and uses thereof patent, US-8059491-B1: Rescue-facilitating communicating wrist watch patent, US-8200577-B2: Systems and methods for retrieving and modifying data records for rating and billing purposes patent, US-8229843-B2: Method and system for debt protection or cancellation patent, US-8311381-B2: Apparatus for providing support for a portion of an optical fibre extending from a substrate patent, US-8396372-B2: Asymmetric long-haul transmission paths with optical phase conjugation patent, US-8444544-B1: Device and method for intensity modulated brachytherapy patent, US-8570232-B2: Broadband antenna patent, US-6766505-B1: Parallel programming of programmable logic using register chains patent, US-6891608-B2: Aligning a lens with respect to an axis of beam propagation patent, US-6957575-B2: Apparatus for weight on bit measurements, and methods of using same patent, US-7405567-B2: Tuning low-inductance coils at low frequencies patent, US-7415661-B2: Early detection of false start-of-packet triggers in a wireless network node patent, US-7483422-B2: Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric for selective link information allocation in a data processing system patent, US-7546760-B2: Device for pressure-based load detection patent, US-7551624-B2: System to enforce service level agreements for voice-over internet protocol patent, US-7702371-B2: Low-power mode clock management for wireless communication devices patent, US-7818683-B2: Methods and systems for representing breadcrumb paths, breadcrumb inline menus and hierarchical structure in a web environment patent, US-7879647-B2: Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8059570-B2: Mobile network device battery conservation system and methods patent, US-8118069-B2: Method for loading liquid, liquid container and head cartridge patent, US-8366697-B2: Enteral feeding safety reservoir and system patent, US-8389103-B2: Roofing material patent, US-8564637-B2: Conference control method, and relevant apparatus and system patent, US-6936744-B1: Alkylaromatics production patent, US-7053619-B2: Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus patent, US-7525463-B2: Compression rate control system and method with variable subband processing patent, US-7533798-B2: Data acquisition and processing system for risk assessment patent, US-7648069-B2: Method and apparatus for identifying a set of multiple items on a conveyor system with multiread transponders patent, US-7886076-B2: Bypassing routing stacks using mobile internet protocol patent, US-8091990-B2: Continuous printhead contoured gas flow device patent, US-8212746-B2: Method for driving a plasma display panel by using a holding period between subfield groups patent, US-8223357-B2: Method and system for printing image using template and recording medium storing the method patent, US-8358091-B2: Apparatus and method for generating a number of loudspeaker signals for a loudspeaker array which defines a reproduction space patent, US-8630811-B2: Method for combining individual risk variables derived from cardiopulmonary exercise testing into a single variable patent, US-6720443-B2: Catalyst and process for the preparation of aromatic carbonates patent, US-6776289-B1: Wafer container with minimal contact patent, US-6977893-B1: Method for establishing communication on an integrated services digital network patent, US-7226139-B2: Device for adjusting the height of a drawer patent, US-7264902-B2: Battery system with excellent controllability for temperature patent, US-7287576-B2: Universal fan for motor vehicle heat exchanger patent, US-7695007-B2: Device for deployment of an element, particularly a safety element, for the protection of goods and/or people patent, US-8371594-B2: Speed control system patent, US-8467117-B2: Pattern generation systems and high bandwidth focus control system with suppressed reaction forces and noise patent, US-7047829-B2: Device for testing traces of explosives and/or drugs patent, US-7100569-B2: Method of providing shaft biasing lubrication for a short runner valve shaft patent, US-7109961-B2: Electric circuit, latch circuit, display apparatus and electronic equipment patent, US-8134988-B2: Coexistence mechanism for WiMAX and IEEE 802.11 patent, US-8430631-B2: Wind turbine blade with lightning receptor and method for protecting the surface of a wind turbine blade patent, US-8483115-B2: Control station apparatus and control method thereof, communication apparatus and control method thereof, and wireless communication system patent, US-8573560-B2: Vacuum control valve and vacuum control system patent, US-6782789-B2: Electric discharge weapon for use as forend grip of rifles patent, US-7009052-B2: Sulfonamide derivatives patent, US-7151301-B2: Sensitivity enhanced biomolecule field effect transistor patent, US-7157500-B2: Nitrosylation of protein SH groups and amino acid residues as a therapeutic modality patent, US-7385460-B1: Combined electrostatic and optical waveguide based microfluidic chip systems and methods patent, US-7395469-B2: Method for implementing deterministic based broken scan chain diagnostics patent, US-7469406-B2: Process suspension through process model design patent, US-7703356-B2: Tool assembly, system and method, for driving threaded members patent, US-7810551-B2: Vapor-lift pump heat transport apparatus patent, US-8123804-B2: Intraocular lens insertion tool patent, US-8250582-B2: Chargeback reduction planning for information technology management patent, US-8410085-B2: Phospholipid compositions and uses thereof patent, US-8542671-B2: Service provider functionality with policy enforcement functional layer bound to SIP patent, US-8571883-B2: Image analysis processes and methods for the evaluation of tampon performance patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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